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Xeta Reality Docs

What is Xeta Reality?

Xeta Reality is a project focused on enabling dApps, gaming and metaverse use-cases using blockchain, AI vision and 3D graphics.

More About Xeta Reality
More About Xeta Blockchain

Currently Working On:

Xeta Blockchain - A high-throughput, low-cost, lightweight blockchain for metaverse and gaming applications

More About our Focus Areas

Mint a Fungible Token
Mint a Non-Fungible Token
NFT Creator Walkthrough
Program Overview

What is an Address
What is an Allowance
What is a Balance
What is a Claim
What is a Pool
What is a Profile
What is a Token
What is a Transaction
What is a Transfer

Cross-Chain Bridge
Token Faucet
Sponsored Address
Xeta Wallet

Auction Program
Launch Program
Lending Program
Lock Program
Loot Program
Lottery Program
Royalty Program
Staking Program
Swap Program
Vote Program