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So, what is an address on Xeta? Every wallet, token, and pool has an address, which can be used to transfer funds to it. Addresses are automatically generated for new tokens and pools, while wallets generate a public key upon creation, derived from its private key. Addresses are simply public keys that can receive and send transfers.

To receive transfers, let the sender know your public address, and they will be able to send tokens to that address. To send transfers, visit the Xeta network app. Then, connect your wallet by clicking on the top right button. Select “new transfer” and insert the recipients’ address into the to-field, alongside specifying the token and amount value.


An address represents an account on Xeta and is either a token, pool or private wallet. Every public key is automatically an address that can receive funds. Users can use their address to represent a profile (e.g. an entity, a collection, an account)

Use Cases:
Token and pool addresses
Personal wallet address (equivalent to a public key)


When a user creates a managed or self-managed wallet, a public key is automatically generated, serving as a public wallet address. This address is public and can receive permissionless transfers from anyone.