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So, what are profiles on Xeta? Profiles enable users to customize addresses with values like name, description, metadata, previews, and other info. By using profiles, users can turn their public address into a profile representing their NFT collection or any type of account.

To turn your regular address into a profile with custom information, visit the Xeta network app and connect your wallet by clicking “connect wallet” in the top right corner. Click on your wallet and select “view address” to open your address page. On the address page, you will see an update button, which will present you with the option to update all your profile info.


A user can customize their address profile with name, description, links, image previews, and other info. This enables users to represent entities, collections, and accounts.

Use Cases:
Custom profiles (such as an address representing an NFT collection)


When a user creates a managed or self-managed wallet, a public key is automatically generated, serving as a public wallet address. This address is public and can receive permissionless transfers from anyone. A user can update their connected wallet address to represent a profile or a collection.


Update Profile

Update an address profile by adding custom info such as name, preview image, etc.

Requirements: Xeta wallet
Outputs: NFT representing profile data
Name - A name for the address
Description - A description for the address
Links - Profile links
Meta - Profile data as a JSON object
Preview - Preview image for the address
Category - Category of the profile