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So, what is a token on Xeta? Tokens can represent fungible or non-fungible assets. Fungible tokens are divisible tokens and allow fractional ownership of a project. In contrast, non-fungible tokens represent ownership of a non-divisible asset, such as an image, a domain, an avatar, or things in physical or virtual reality.

To create a token, visit the Xeta network app and click on “connect wallet” on the top right. Click on your connected wallet and select “new token”. Here, you will be able to fill in token name, description, and values such as symbol, supply, or reserve for fungible tokens and category, or owner for non-fungible tokens.

After you create a token, it will be minted to your address or to the specified owner address if the token is an NFT. For every fungible token, an automatic swap pool is created in the background, which enables any token holder to swap tokens for XETA and vice versa.


Tokens are fungible (divisible) or non-fungible assets. Fungible tokens are similar to shares and represent fractional ownership of something. Non-fungible tokens represent objects via object URL (IPFS, S3, etc) or content hash (e.g. MD5 of bytes content).

Use Cases:
Fungible tokens (representing fractional ownership of something)
Non-fungible tokens (representing objects via URL or content hash in physical and virtual worlds)


A user can mint fungible or non-fungible tokens. Fungible tokens represent fractional shares and have a symbol, supply, and optionally a reserve, which can be used to mint additional tokens at a later point in time. Non-fungible tokens represent objects in physical and virtual spaces by referencing an object URL (e.g. IPFS link) or a content hash. When fungible tokens are minted, a decentralized swap pool is created automatically, enabling the decentralized exchange of tokens.



Create a fungible or non-fungible token.

Requirements: None
Outputs: Funigble or non-fungible token
Name - Name of the token
Description - Description of the token
Links - Links for the token
Meta - Custom metadata as a JSON object
Preview - Preview image for the token, e.g. icon for FT, image for NFT
Symbol - Symbol for FT
Supply - Supply for FT
Reserve - Reserve for FT, mintable at a later point in time
Whole - Does not allow fractionalization if true Owner - Owner for NFT
Object - Object representing NFT
Content - Content representing NFT
Mime - Mime of NFT object
Frozen - Disables transfer of NFT, if true
Category - NFT category


Allows the creator to update a fungible or non-fungible token.

Requirements: Token creator
Outputs: None
Token - Token address
Name - Update name
Description - Updated description
Links - Updated links
Meta - Updated meta
Preview - Updated image preview
Mime - Updated object mime
Frozen - Frozen NFT status
Category - Updated NFT category


Allows the creator of a fungible token to mint additional tokens from its unallocated reserve.

Requirements: Token creator
Outputs: Token transfer from factory to creator
Token - Token address
Amount - Amount to be minted