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So, what is the Xeta Faucet? The Xeta Faucet enables anyone with a Gmail account to receive 10 Xeta tokens on Mainnet and 1000 Xeta tokens on Testnet.

To receive your tokens, just visit the Xeta network app and select the free token option on the homepage. You will be prompted to create or connect a Xeta wallet and enter your email address. After confirming your email, you will receive the tokens to your connected wallet. Go ahead and test how fast transfers are on Xeta, or start minting your first tokens!


Xeta’s Faucet allows users to request a certain number of free XETA tokens on the Mainnet and Testnet. It allows users and creators to try out Xeta without purchasing or swapping tokens.

Use Cases:
Create a few simple transactions on Mainnet
Create, test, and launch any desired functionalities on Testnet


Users who own a Gmail address can request free XETA tokens from the faucet feature. The user needs to confirm their email, after which the Faucet automatically makes two transfers to the users’ connected wallet, one on Mainnet and one on Testnet.


Create Faucet Request

Create a faucet request and receive tokens on Mainnet and Testnet.

Requirements: Valid Gmail address, Xeta wallet
Outputs: XETA transfer from faucet to wallet on Mainnet, XETA transfer to from faucet wallet on Testnet
Inputs: None