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So, what is a sponsored address on Xeta? Xeta enables users to sponsor an address and delegate network fees. Sponsored addresses automatically reimburse other users who send transfers to it. This works exceptionally well with pools that would like to enable free transactions. Think about a swap pool without fees or a voting pool where anyone can vote without dealing with Xeta tokens. Similarly, you can sponsor your address and allow others to send you transfers without a fee.

To sponsor an address, visit the Xeta network app and connect your wallet by clicking “connect wallet” on the top right. Under wallet actions, select “new transfer” and enter the address you would like to sponsor in the to-field. Under token, select “Xeta Sponsored,” which will be debited as Xeta and credited as sponsored Xeta to the recipients’ balance. Just keep in mind that sponsored Xeta balances cannot be transferred, even if you sponsor your own address.


Xeta enables users to transfer a sponsored balance to addresses or pools, so other users interacting with these resources can do so without paying network fees.

Use Cases:
Recipient sponsoring incoming transfers to their address
Pool sponsoring incoming transfers and enabling participation without owning XETA
Project creators who would like to encourage participation in particular pools


A user transfers sponsored XETA tokens to an address or pool. The transferred token is specified as sponsored XETA and is automatically swapped from the users' XETA balance into sponsored XETA and credited to the resource. Other users who interact with the sponsored resource won't be charged any fees until the sponsored balance of the resource is depleted.



Swaps the users' owned XETA into sponsored XETA. Sponsored XETA cannot be withdrawn.

Requirements: XETA balance
Outputs: Sponsored XETA transfer from sender to recipient
To - Recipient resource to be sponsored
Token - Must be specified as 1111111111111111111111111sponsored
Amount - Amount to sponsor
From - From address in case of allowance
Message - Custom transfer message