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So, what is the Xeta Wallet? The Xeta Wallet enables users to create a managed or self-managed wallet on Xeta. Wallets can be used to send and receive transfers, mint and hold tokens, or participate in pools. Wallets on Xeta are available in two options.

The self-managed wallet generates a private and public key pair that you have to store securely. The 3rd party managed wallet option handles private keys for you and allows you to access your wallet with a username and password.

To create a new Xeta wallet, visit the Xeta network app and click on “connect wallet” in the top right corner. You will be prompted to choose between the managed or self-managed option to create a new wallet. To connect an existing wallet, choose your desired method and enter your private key if you have a self-managed wallet or your account username and password if you choose the managed wallet option.

Once your wallet is connected, you can click on it to perform various actions, such as viewing your address page, backing up your keys, or creating transactions.


Xeta’s wallet allows users to create and manage their XETA blockchain wallets, either by managing keys yourself or letting a 3rd party provider (currently Xeta foundation) manage keys for you.

Use Cases:
Create a new self-managed or managed Xeta wallet
Connect an existing self-managed or managed Xeta wallet


Users need a wallet to interact with the Xeta blockchain. Users can create a key pair (public key/private key) or let a provider manage this keypair for them (using a more memorable account and secret). Once a wallet is created through the self-managed or managed option, it can be connected to Xeta’s apps, as long as the owner has access to the private key or account and secret (in the case of managed keys).


Create Self-Managed

Create a new XETA blockchain key pair.

Requirements: None
Outputs: Public key, Private key
Inputs: None

Create Managed

Create a managed wallet.

Requirements: None
Outputs: Public key
Account - Memorable account name, for example, email, phone number, or username
Secret - Memorable password

Connect Self-Managed

Connect a self-managed wallet.

Requirements: Private key
Outputs: None
Inputs: None

Connect Managed

Connect a managed wallet.

Requirements: Account name, Account secret
Outputs: None
Inputs: None