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Mint a NFT


Non-fungible tokens, abbreviated as NFT, represent an object such as an image, video, avatar, or anything from the physical or virtual world. To create an NFT on Xeta, visit the Xeta network app and connect your wallet. Under wallet actions, you will be able to select “new token” and add your token details. The name field is a required value for your token, but you might want to add additional information too.

The description field enables you to specify a 256 character description. Links provide you with the option to enter social media accounts or other important resources related to your token. The meta field supports adding custom metadata through a JSON object. If you choose to freeze your token, transfers will be disabled until you unfreeze it again. If you want to instantly transfer the token to someone, you can set their address as the owner. The object field and its associated content hash and mime-type field represent a permanent object or file that the token references. For example, the object might be the full resolution image or 3D model URL, and the content field the md5 hash of the image. Keep in mind that object and content hash values are permanent, and cannot be changed later. The preview field is a low-resolution NFT preview.

After you fill out your token details, submit the transaction. You or the specified owner will receive the newly minted NFT. Once you hold your NFT, you can transfer it, modify it or create a pool. Check out auction pools, which enable you to sell an NFT. A loot pool could be interesting if you have an NFT collection and want to distribute your NFTs randomly while earning the participation amounts as revenue. A lottery pool is a prize pool that you can use to promote your token and enable one random participant to win your token. Royalty pools enable you as a creator, to reward holders of your NFTs with a daily passive income. Check out the videos for each pool program and good luck with your new token.