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NFT Creator Walkthrough


Let me walk you through the step-by-step process, from zero to selling and promoting your own NFT collection on Xeta! The steps can be roughly outlined into creating a wallet, getting XETA tokens, creating NFTs, creating a collection profile, creating auctions, and promoting your collection.

Connect a Wallet

To get started, you need a wallet so that you can hold XETA tokens and NFTs. Navigate to the Xeta network app and click on “connect” in the top right corner. You will be able to choose between two options, a managed and a self-managed wallet. The easier of these two is the managed wallet, which you can use by entering an account username and secret password. If you already have a wallet, connect your wallet by importing your private key or signing in with your account details.

Getting XETA Tokens

Once you’ve connected your wallet, visit the Xeta network homepage to get free tokens from the faucet feature. Alternatively, you can ask for a creators’ grant on the Xeta website, buy XETA tokens from an exchange, or swap Ether and BNB using the bridge feature on the Xeta network homepage.

Creating NFTs

Once you own some XETA tokens to pay for network fees, you can begin creating your NFTs. Simply click on your wallet in the top right corner, and select “new token”. Enter your token name, upload the token image under the preview field, and set additional details such as description and links. Other fields are not necessary unless you want to link an object, assign it to someone, or customize your NFT metadata. Once you’ve filled in your token details, submit the transaction, and you will find your new NFT in your wallet. Repeat the token creation process for every NFT that you want to create.

Creating a Collection Profile

You can find your minted tokens by clicking on your wallet in the top right, then on “view address,” and navigating to the tokens tab. On your address page, you can customize your profile to represent your new NFT collection. Click on update profile and add details about your collection, such as name, description, links, and a preview image.

Creating Auctions

Once you’ve created NFTs and a creator profile, you are ready to sell your NFTs. Click on your wallet and select “new pool”. Pools are programs such as auctions that handle transfers and tokens for you. Select auction as the program, and set the token value to the NFT that you would like to sell. Give your auction pool a name and set an expiration date. Finally, add a XETA target amount representing the minimum amount that you would like to sell the NFT for and a XETA limit amount, which is the maximum amount and equivalent to the instant-buy bid. You can also leave the limit amount empty if you want to create an open-ended auction that completes after the expiration date. Submit the transaction and repeat this step for all your NFTs that you want to sell.

Once you’ve created auction pools for your NFTs, you need to deposit the NFTs. The bidding opens once you deposit. To view your completed auctions, navigate to your wallet and click on “view address” under wallet actions. Open the pools tab, where you will find all your created auction pools. Open them one by one, and click the dropdown on the right to deposit your NFT.

Promoting your Collection

Share your auctions on social media, and let people know about your new Xeta NFT collection. Additionally, you might want to create a lottery for one of your NFTs. Lotteries are very useful to raise awareness about your project and have new participants discover it. Finally, you could offer royalties for all NFT holders, which presents an excellent incentive for potential buyers. For more info about creating pools, check out our complete video list.