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So, what is the lottery program on Xeta? Lotteries enable the distribution of fungible and non-fungible tokens in a randomized way. Users can participate by sending the minimum required XETA amount to the lottery pool. After the lottery expires, winners can claim from the prize pool. In the case of an NFT lottery, the lottery automatically distributes its prize to one random winner.

To participate in a lottery pool, open the lottery pool page, connect your wallet and click on participate. You will be requested to transfer the minimum required XETA amount to enter, in exchange for a participation claim. After the lottery pool expires or reaches its maximum number of participants, you will be able to claim your ticket and you will be awarded from the prize pool with the probability as determined by the pool upon resolution.

To create a lottery, visit the Xeta network app, connect your wallet and select “new pool” under wallet actions. You will be able to specify the associated prize token and values such as minimum participation amount, number of winners, or required XETA balance of eligible users. Once the pool has been created, you need to deposit the prize tokens to the pool, after which users can participate until the pool expires and resolves.


Lottery pools allow the distribution of fungible or non-fungible tokens in a randomized way. Lotteries can be based on specific criteria, such as a minimum token amount that someone must hold to participate or require a minimum amount to enter. After a lottery expires, it can be resolved to automatically distribute the NFT or make the fungible tokens claimable for winning participants.

Use Cases:
Distributing an NFT through a randomized mechanism and a single winner
Distributing fungible-tokens through a randomized mechanism


A lottery pool can promote a fungible or single non-fungible token to participants, who can enter to win with a probability dependent on the number of entries. After creating the lottery pool, the creator must deposit the fungible tokens or a single NFT. Once the deposit is complete, any user can participate, either for free or the minimum amount required by the pool. Furthermore, pools can set a minimum amount of XETA that a user needs to hold to be eligible to participate. Requiring a minimum amount of XETA to participate improves incentives and prevents dishonest entries (especially if the lottery pool is sponsored).

After the lottery pool expires, the resolution call automatically transfers the NFT to a single winner chosen from all participants. If the lottery is promoting a fungible token, winners (based on the pools’ probability) can claim their fungible-token rewards using their claimable ticket.



Transfer the entry amount to participate in the lottery.

Requirements: Token balance, XETA balance
Outputs: XETA transfer from sender to pool, Transfer claim from pool to sender
Inputs: None


Claim a lottery ticket, and receive the pool token with a certain probability.

Requirements: Active transfer claim
Outputs: NFT or token with a probability as specified by the pool
Claim - Claim hash


Resolve a lottery pool and determine the winner of an NFT lottery.

Requirements: NFT lottery
Outputs: NFT transfer from pool to random participant
Inputs: None


Create a lottery pool for fungible tokens or a single non-fungible token.

Requirements: None
Outputs: Lottery pool
Token - The token which is to be promoted
MinAmount - Participation amount
TokenTarget - Amount of pool tokens that someone must hold to participate
XetaTarget - Amount of XETA, that someone must hold to participate
TransfersLimit - Maximum amount of participants
ClaimsLimit - Maximum number of winners
Expires - Datetime when lottery naturally expires


Allows the creator to deposit the pool token.

Requirements: Pool creator
Outputs: Token transfer from sender to pool, Deposit claim from pool to sender
Amount - Amount in case of a fungible-token lottery
Unlocks - Datetime when the claim unlocks


Allows the creator to withdraw a previously deposited pool token.

Requirements: Pool creator, Active deposit claim
Outputs: Token transfer from pool to sender
Claim - Deposit claim hash


The creator can close the lottery before expiration. If there are participants, the creator can only withdraw the unclaimable share.

Requirements: Pool creator
Outputs: None
Inputs: None


Allows the creator to clear XETA earnings collected by the lottery pool if the participation amount is positive.

Requirements: Pool creator, XETA balance by pool
Outputs: XETA transfer from pool to pool creator
Inputs: None