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General Focus Areas

Xeta Reality is focused on promoting Gaming and Metaverse adoption using blockchains (think asset registry, virtualization, dApps) and vision AI (object detection/segmentation). The 6 core pillars of Xeta Reality are:

1. Scanning and virtualization of things: Simplifying asset virtualization by building 3D scanning tools/apps to empower anyone to digitize anything anywhere. Extensive research & development of object detection/segmentation AI models.

2. Interoperability between blockchains and realities: Enabling the exchange of fungible and non-fungible assets between common blockchains and parallel realities (physical reality, virtual worlds, omniverses).

3. Asset registry, tokenization and authenticity: Building a L1 blockchain to simplify asset registry and tokenization of things. Integrating identity, deduplication and IP-protection middleware, specifically for NFTs and virtual items (image, video, audio).

4. Virtual economies (DEXs, NFT marketplaces, auctions): Creation of exchanges & marketplaces for tokens, NFTs, avatars, skins, virtual properties and virtual ad space. Provisioning "one-click-setup" DEXs and marketplaces using no-code interfaces.

5. dApp ecosystem (identity, staking, 3rd party): Providing core functionality dApps (for identity, staking, etc) using Xeta Blockchain and setting up a grant-based incentive program for 3rd party developers.

6. Community, contributors & partnerships: Building and maintaining an active community of ambassadors, providing well documented software to contributors and seeking partnerships with companies for collaboration around Metaverse technologies.