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Xeta Reality


Xeta Reality is a Metaverse company focused on bridging blockchain, vision AI, and 3D technology. Specifically, Xeta Reality focuses on NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse applications to accelerate user adoption in the coming years ahead. Let’s look at each of Xeta’s focus areas to give you a better understanding of Xeta’s goals and vision.

Xeta’s first goal is to promote blockchain adoption by enabling high-throughput transfers at an extremely low cost. Xeta released a serverless blockchain in 2021, which enables up to 80000 TPS, network fees in the range of a tenth of a cent, and confirmation times below one second. With its innovation in incentive structures for nodes and an improved consensus mechanism, the Xeta blockchain is a crucial piece of technology to scale the next generation of Metaverse applications.

Xeta’s second goal is innovation within vision AI and 3D technology. Specifically, Xeta Reality works on avatar technology, 3D scanning, and virtualization apps, as well as real-time reconstruction of faces, bodies, clothing, and shapes of all types. The mission of Xeta Reality is to provide tools to creators, builders, and users and impactfully shape the future of the Metaverse.